Classics Redefined: before and after

Classics Redefined: before and after

For the last few weeks I have been working step by step on some noteworthy pieces. First a beautiful cherry antique french sideboard, gorgeous but a bit boring.

beautiful but boring

So we had to operate.antique cherry sideboard

Testing testing..

testing black stainThen stained it black to start.

First layer of blackA coat of clear varnish then second layer of black as the base for gold rims added today.

gold rimsand a closer look at the carving detail, rims on central doors yet to be gilded. gilded carving detail

The other project is a pair of commodes that started as raw beechwood. The raw frames were sent out to be sprayed an oystery white lacquer with a satin finish.
twin commodesBack in my studio, the handles were brightened with mineral spirits and touched with soft gilder’s gold.

IMG_1738And the top rim gold leafed in the manner that the Italian Gilder taught me last fall.

IMG_1748My little hands are stressed from Varsol, dabbled with black stain, but joyful!