classics redefined: metalicized design

classics redefined: metalicized design

Classic furnishings redefined in metal make our Modern Designs warm and cool at the same time. Silver metallic threads give classic leafy damask a new edgy glamour.


Not only pillows but also dining chairs gleam! IMG_1662IMG_1662

Champagne metallic threads winding through a rich lampas take a classic Louis XV sofa to super-rich status.

Metal frames clasp architectural friezes the way prongs clasp a Tiffany diamond.  This combination delivers both spareness and luxury for the new warm/cool mirror collection.  Here are snaps of the first of a series of combinations featuring plaster, gilt, and champagne elements with clear or antique mirror.



A cleanly forged steel framework stippled with gold, silver and bronze, depending on the room, holds an antique mirror top for the companion coffee table.  It accurately defines the bridge between modern sofas and period chairs.

IMG_20130923_161249 Mottled gold (left), champagne (above) or silver (see desk below).

Metal frames outline the edges of linear woodgrained desks, coffee tables and lamp tables (see last photo).  Sharp steel legs are bronze-finished or champagne-finished, leafed with gold or silver.  They support luxury upholstery for versatile benches and low-back bench-chairs.


Gold leaf outlines and Silver leaf defines the carving on furniture frames, gleams block sofa feet and maximizes decorative accessories, but more on that in the next post of ‘Its Ongoing’.


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