Best In Show

Best In Show

The Toronto International Art Fair 2018 was vibrant.  Creatively refreshing.  I went on my own on Friday and on Sunday with friends including Jane Buyers, who had her own booth with Paul Petro Gallery last year. This year she contributed a first exploratory piece of a new series of copper plate etchings. I have her Material Culture series on my walls.IMG_0490.jpg

Jane was a marvellous guide, being highly anecdotal while explaining the career and creative pathways of the artists we were seeing.  Like Christo who financed his own projects through the sale of the concept drawings and plans for the installations.IMG_0485.jpg

I love the hand rendering, the analytic notes taped on. My next interior design plans will be different after seeing this! Watch for gouache highlights!

Speaking of interiors, there were art furniture pieces worthy of a word. This cast chair with walnut back legs and hide upholstery straddled the boundary between art and design.IMG_0478.jpg

Of the living contemporary painters I still have a soft spot for John Brown.IMG_0450.jpg

Modern artists of the 60’s and 70’s were stars. Gratifying to see established Canadians being appreciated such as Charles Gagnon and Riopelle (Don Druick providing the scale).IMG_0481.jpgIMG_0483.jpg

The female artists from the mid-century, underestimated at the time, are being discovered. They provide excellent art at possible prices. Take a colleague of Jack Bush, Milly Ristvedt. Her style is every bit as good as his and the canvases large and livable. I can’t apologize for considering how it will look in a living room!IMG_0458.jpgThere was so much to see.  Check for more observations.