Design Award Submission

Design Award Submission

The design award submission that won first place in the ASID 2018 Residential Category reconfigured as a blog post.

My Victorian flat fought with the new designs!  Solution?  Think forward in a new-build condo like this concise 750 square foot one bedroom in a 5-star location.IMG_7435IMG_7437

The challenge? Maximize space, overlap functions, include the terrace, mask ugly safety fixtures above the bed, integrate my metal doors and meld tribal with contemporary.

An architectural perspective drawing, re-stretched to wall proportions, opens the foyer.PastedGraphic-10

Metal-based sofa extends the living room when backed against the island, making it a console. Janus counter stools makes it a sewing/planning table.PastedGraphic-6

Dining table, Janus chaise showcase life on the terrace.PastedGraphic-3

A shape unites contemporary and tribal pieces –  the hemisphere.

Hiding 36” of ceiling devices,IMG_0113 Oluce’s gold leaf dome echoes my Freya Bed.PastedGraphic-5Grasscloth wallpaper panels behind the bed and on the opposite living room wall, daybed below, create 24’ of bedroom. PastedGraphic-4In the living room, the daybed’s a reading corner by the desk.IMG_0233

 Embroidering white linen pillows calmed my nerves while moving IMG_7458(traced Picasso plates, enlarged by photocopier).PastedGraphic-7IMG_0056

Black steel / white plaster mirror eraces a jutting closet.IMG_0095

Mirror behind the steel doors opens an illusory room, breaking a long wall. Jane Buyers’ four etchings surround the kitchen, overlap the seating area. Orange glowing through black favours the Moroccan carpet, Ikat pillows.PastedGraphic-2Linen textures, dark bronze, metal rims, black outlines, gray-white, violet-gray, cognac.

Pony chairs and drinks tables float.IMG_0047 (1)