Crochet Cross-Over

Crochet Cross-Over

Crochet is hot in fashion. Adapted crochet techniques are hot in interior design too.  The fashion – interior design crossover is alive.  It’s tactile and detailed and layered.

There has never been anything sexier than a toned body in a crochet bikini.






Bikinis from Vancouver designer Anna Kosturova.

Now sculpted steel pendant lights are netted in cotton yarn. Naomi Paul Designs.


Sophisticated Bohemian beach coverup kimonos and tunics that poolside by day then go to sunset dinner layered over a slip or body-con dress are perfect to wear over denim this fall.









Nothing looks newer than tonal linen crochet layered over a natural linen pillow.





What was ever more fetching than a crochet dress?















What could be cuter than lavender pot pourri stuffed into purple crochet squares?  What about multicolour crochet sachets! Perfect little gifts.









A crochet shawl might replace a pashmina.  Crochet totes are practical catch alls – casual chic – perfect companions for tribal style clothes.

Crochet baskets provide the same catch all function for the home.

Vintage-looking doilies and grandmother bedcovers won’t work. These designs are edgy.

To freshen, relight, recolour, simplify, amplify and give it your own beautiful spin –  is the way to make clothing and environments relevant and exciting.

Note: this article is reporting a trend and an inspiration. Lois Macaulay Design does not have their own crocheted products at this time.

Sweet success story about a Danish maternity ward that gave a crochet octopus toy to preterm babies now spread to hospitals in 24 countries.