kaftan + fedora + ikat

kaftan + fedora + ikat

Before going on to the next inspiration, let’s connect the dots on the ideas that have been influencing design for the past and present moment.

On the fashion side, the traditional headwear for a kaftan was the scarf-wrap in turban style. That is how Dolce et Gabbana couture is showing it.

The news in styling the kaftan comes from Los Angeles where Daniel Bohbot is showing his signature pieces topped with a fedora.

My favourite is this packable hat from Eric Javits.

The little shells around the brim give it the Saint Tropez breeziness and set it up to top printed chiffon.


Which brings us to the topic of chiffon prints.  This year flowy colourful primitively patterned clothes in simple ethnic cuts have appeared at every price point. It is the new look everyone is adding to their wardrobe. I particularly love the Ikat inspired patterns.

Fashion and Interior Design have never been as closely linked as in this latest round of development. 

Hale Bob is a particularly good source for Ikat patterned chiffon and flowy stretch satin clothes. Loving this black and white classic Ikat bordered with snake skin print for a chiffon tunic.

Ikat is the theme of my new interior design pillow collection.

Here the Ikats are in two quality steps. The entry level, left, is  tibetan raw silk in blended tones of indigo, turquoise and fuchsia.The high end textiles are fine weaves of silk and cotton in well defined traditional patterns.

True Ikat is woven on narrow 15 inch to 20 inch wide looms (interior design fabrics are usually 54 inches wide). For wider applications it’s traditional to sew the narrow bands of Ikat side by side and cover the seam with a decorative woven tape.

I seamed bands of silk velvet or satin to the sides of the narrow textiles and dressed the seam with woven tapes in the bohemian character of the pattern for my latest pillows.

There are three colour families based on taupe, cognac and blue.

To carry the neutral palette of urban interiors into the casual attitude favoured this yearor refresh beach house decor with the new interior design colours,these gorgeous pillows provide accents of colour and pattern that blend masculine and feminine, contemporary and tribal in a bright, joyful way. This special collection of not-to-be-repeated pairs is in the showroom now –  98 Hazelton Avenue – 416 921 1043.