Kaftan Interiors

Kaftan Interiors

Using the kaftan concept to imagine interiors is proving to be a strong tool. Why wouldn’t it engender a place for contemporary world citizens to operate from in true comfort? It includes all genders and all cultures – at the root, genuine and vibrantly alive.

I’ve been asking- what is a kaftan pattern, shape, colour, and detail?  What does it’s sofa look like? What’s the dining chair like? It is not all clear yet. Certainly we are dealing with Ikat, tribal weaves, linen, iron and woodgrain. Primavera showroon vignetteimg_4748
primavera showroomimg_4161The sofa featured last will soon be reupholstered in Rubelli’s linen/viscose woodgrain (moire).  Raw silk, satin, silver leaf and silky viscose carpets are being worked into the mix so my very beautiful friends will experience the necessary ritz in their surroundings.  Things are looking right outlined in black and banded in tape.img_4894llamas Doesn’t this Jim Thompson trim look like Llamas crossing the mountain?  Great on a lampshade.
Playing with stained grasses and stone medallions.img_4971 screen-shot-2016-08-01-at-9-05-34-pmimg_5211 Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 3.46.08 PMColouring in hot shades against earthy neutrals.  Authentic Ikats give you the most genuine pattern. Bermingham Ikats in silk and cotton are the best I have found.Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.13.16 PMPierre Frey understands the trend and provides embroidered perfect linens in black, clay, twig and stone.

kaftan daybed for Jodi

My moroccan daybed/modern sofa cross is a straight sided structure outlined in stained wood, arms and back at one height. thinly padded, necessitating a bank of pillows. The single seat cushion is a comfy watch-a-movie place. More exciting for overnight guests than pullouts, more fun than traditional sit-up sofas because you practically have to curl up your feet or drape your kaftan’d self diagonally. This is the classic pose for kaftan sporting, as Twiggy and Princess Radziwill demonstrate..

Twiggy-242x300 4-Buckingham-Place-–-the-famous-drawing-room-294x300

There is a movement back to detail after removing it all, all be it a very careful one.


Outlining in black can be the view through black metal windows, borders on white marble floors, metal rims of a whitewashed oak desk, piping on a pillow.img_5173

Rooms are still sparely furnished. Each piece is particularly chosen and placed where truly needed for function and balance. As part of the new wave the room includes a stimulating surprise.  Mine aren’t there yet, just working it out…                                                                  CZ Guest in her Templeton home Conde Nast Archives   

Down with formulas, up with wildly imaginative solutions.
Ceres, evening living room
first kaftan pillows
The Kaftan idea runs an intoxicating new theme through all the cleanline elements we have been using, like the wide sand scape nourished by an oasis or the dry pock of brightly painted tribal drums.

Design ideas veer out and away from the contemporary precision of the first decade-and-a-half of the millennium, not leaving that progress behind, not copying the inspirational seventies, but rather going forward from here with arms full.