Wes Anderson's Symmetry

Wes Anderson’s Symmetry

“Wes Anderson’s films have generosity and beautiful emotion”, says Tilda Swinton, “that’s not around much anymore.” As in film so in interior design.  Wes Anderson’s hallmark use of balance puts symmetry front and centre.  After years of breaking up the pair, classic harmony feels right.Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.07.16 AMTake the Stella Artois commercial.  The modernity feels new again when mirrored and warmed with cognac and red and enlivened with swimming fish.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 3.53.49 PMWe mustn’t be afraid of quirkiness. It’s a key to creating magic.  Wes knows how to keep it light – grrr!

IMG_1770Symmetry pulled this long living room together. We printed a second architectural image mirroring the first.  Inspired by Wes, we emphasized the symmetry by using the swedish dressers to flank the fireplace. Two disparate ends now work together.


Recalling Tilda’s reference to beautiful emotion, why can’t interiors be soft yet emphatic, enthusiastic and light?!
IMG_1797Down with mishmash, up with the stability of left equals right!

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