Botanical Garden Pillows

Botanical Garden Pillows

In the middle of the botanical gardens the Bermuda Masterworks Museum houses an impressive collection of Bermuda themed works from world renowned artists, local and international contemporary art shows, a full program schedule and a well trodden bridge to Canadian arts.  It was the idea of Tom Butterfield who made it a reality over 25 years of unflagging dedication. IMG_3031

This gorgeous embroidered silk fabric with fantasy flowers-on-flowers in a needlework style suggesting mid century japanese embroidered pieces makes up into the freshest round accent pillows.  They capture the mood of a botanical garden.IMG_3063It seemed natural when a panel of this fabric, just discontinued, came available, to make it up into pillows to benefit the Masterworks Museum.  The four colours trimmed in various ways make up this very limited edition.

IMG_3021All of the side bands are in a plain coordinating ivory silk dupioni.

The green flower is backed and piped with apple green silk dupioni.

The gold flower is backed and piped in pale gold velvet.


The bronze flower is piped in gold silk satin and backed with the  ivory silk dupioni.

The red flower is piped and backed in claret red.

The flowers are slightly off-centre on the pillows as dictated by the placement of the flowers on the fabric. It gives them an endearing air of surprise, of wit and charm.

They measure 14″ in diameter and the bands are 3 inches thick.

I am sewing them up with feather ticking inner forms in my so-called spare time.


They are priced at a modest $120 each.  I am happy to say that they are being spoken for as quickly as I can turn them out.

Modern enough for a modern sofa, soft enough for a bed, small enough for a chair, colourful enough for traditional decor, special enough for a gift.

If you would like to order one or more of these special edition pillows, call 416 921 1043. Soon.